“Zombie Inside” Door Cover


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Don’t Open, Dead InsideThe zombie apocalypse seems inevitable. Comic books, TV series, and video games have all foreseen the grim future awaiting us. Before we know it, the entire Earth will be crawling with flesh-eating ghouls, looking to turn few left living into a quick meal. That’s why we think it’s important to get a set of standard warning signs ready for the world-ending event! Every single door is going to need special communication to alert the human survivors. Here’s what we’re suggesting:Keep Away = A zombie was once spotted in the area.Turn Back Now = No supplies behind the door and possible zombie attack.Zombies Inside = There are definitely zombies inside.Don’t Open = Don’t open it, you goof! Of course, if all four of those phrases are on the door, it means you should probably just get the heck outta Dodge and forget that you ever saw the door!Product DetailsThis Zombies Inside Door Cover features our new communication key in vivid style! Just place it on your door to let everyone know that some gruesome zombies are awaiting your guests… or just place it on your door to get some peace and quiet from the rest of the world! Everyone will think that the ghouls have already made it inside. It truly is a versatile decoration!