Zombie All-Pro Resident Evil 2 Makeup Kit


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Appearance is EverythingThere is something next level scary about the zombies in Capcom’s Resident Evil games. Part of it probably has to do with their varying strength and difficulty to deal with. But once you get the hang of putting the undead monster back in its grave with a few good shots it becomes easy to admit that the reason they terrify you is their gruesome appearance.Pure and simple, the rotting look of Raccoon City’s undead residents is not pleasant. But it has become a costume classic that exists in varying levels of success that seems to come down to the makeup job. So, when you’re putting your zombie ensemble together, don’t skimp on the special FX!Product DetailsMake sure you’re as scary as the nightmare-inducing zombies of Resident Evil with this Resident Evil 2 Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit! From applicators to makeup remover, this 29-piece kit includes everything you’ll need to bring a believable zombie to life. Use the instructions to recreate a zombie from the Resident Evil games or learn how to properly use the included Mehron special FX makeup and design your own horrifying monster!Pro-Level ExecutionWhether you’re a fan of Resident Evil or you simply love zombies, this officially licensed makeup kit is perfect for bringing your ghoulish look together. Get ready for Halloween or any zombie event with products and tools that the pros use to execute their screen-ready terrors!