Yin & Yang Couple’s Costume


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Better TogetherYou and your partner balance each other out. The two of you together fit the vision of Yin and Yang pretty perfectly! While you might have creative visions for decorating your home in an over the top way your partner understands that your Bohemian chic style will cost a lot of money. Velvet tasseled pillows don’t grow on trees, you know. While your partner might want to go to the same place every year on vacation, you know that a tropical trip to Belize will create memories you both can enjoy for years to come. You enjoy sleeping in and setting up social events with friends, your partner might like getting up early and walking the dog. While some people might think that your differences might cause you to clash but you treasure those differences. You live that balanced life. Isn’t that something to brag about?Product DetailsThese Yin and Yang tunics work together perfectly. Simply slip the tunics over your own clothing. Choose a white top or black top to contrast with the color that you think suits you best. Bring the two tunics together and you’ll enjoy a peacefully balanced ensemble. Positive Energy PartyAdding a positive vibe always has to be a good thing when it comes to costume parties. You and your partner can bring a sense of calm to any event. Maybe you’ll even finish each other’s sentences… or sandwiches, whatever your style might be. And the best part is if you decide to take this costume to a crowded event, you can easily find your partner in the crowd. Just tell anyone that you’re looking for your better half and they’re sure to point you on your way. Because while you might be just fine mingling on your own you also know that two opposites make a whole!