Yellow Rooster Kids Costume


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Riddle us this, Mom and Pop: what squawks when it’s trying to talk, bobs around full of energy, and sings loudly to wake you up, just past dawn (if you’re lucky)?If you guessed a rooster, you are right! If you guessed your kiddo, you are…also right! Congrats on finding a costume that perfectly captures your kid’s plucky personality. So why not get him suited up in this fuzzy yellow getup and give him permission (for one day, and one day only!) to rule the roost? Now, on Halloween, your rambunctious rooster can do the following without consequence: arise at sunup and enter your room crowing at the top of his lungs; peck and play with his breakfast; pretend to fly; and chicken-walk throughout the entire neighborhood. He is bound to love the perks that come with being top bird. What a lucky kid! The thing is, you’ll be willing to be lenient due to how absolutely precious he looks in this super soft rooster jumpsuit and headpiece, the latter of which ties under the chin for a day spent strutting around the neighborhood farm. Maybe next year you’ll have the good sense to dress him as an adult house cat (which can sleep for nearly 20 hours a day), but for now, you just enjoy that boundless energy while he’s dressed the part. If it starts to wear on you, try to focus on how cute his little rooster feet look, running to give you a hug, and think of all you can accomplish before the sun even brushes the horizon.