Yellow Raincoat Jurassic Park Costume


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I’m Screaming in the RainLooking for an amazing costume that requires minimal effort? Want to stumble around a dinosaur theme park in a torrential downpour and then get eaten by a dinosaur? This might be the outfit for you! A Jurassic Park rain slicker is perfect for any activity that involves impressing your friends at parties or running away from a giant lizard in the rain. Hopefully its cheerfully bright color will alert rescuers to your location – if you survive!Design & DetailsYou might not be able to dress for protection from a Dilophosaurus or Allosaur, but in your exclusive, officially licensed Jurassic Park Yellow Raincoat costume, you’ll at least be dressed for the elements! Stay warm and dry (and hopefully uneaten!) in this bright yellow rain jacket made of 100 percent polyester. The Jurassic Park decals on its front and back proclaim to your friends, as well as any pursuing dinosaurs, that you are an official theme park employee! The jacket has metal snaps down the center front to secure it as you run for your life. The two front pockets also have snap closures and the matching hood attaches to the jacket’s body with snaps. The braided cord in the hood pulls snug to keep the rain out of your hair – but watch out for the dinosaurs that could be stalking up behind you!Dress for Success – and StegosauriIf you want to be prepared for inclement weather and also look great while fighting for your life, remember to wear your Jurassic Park Yellow Raincoat outfit! You’ll look dapper and dashing – unless a T-Rex rips off your head, in which case it’s hard for anyone to look fashionable!