Yellow Adult Morphsuit Costume


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Dance like a creature of the sun! The vibrate glowing ball of flames that heats the earth is perfect inspiration for a yellow themed costume. The beautiful yellow planet does so much for us. Pay it tribute with the Adult Yellow Morphsuit. Prance and twist like sunbeams as you dazzle all your flower friends.In this Adult Yellow Morphsuit you can emulate any yellow object you’d like, a banana, lemons, daffodils, or your own creation. Being yellow could mean so many things. But, we like to think of it as joy, fun, and brightness. Pair up with the Yellow Crayola Crayon costume for a cute couples costume. You can be the drawing, and they can be the crayon! Go to the party with a friend dressed as a monkey, and you can be the banana. Or, maybe you are a tricky yellow earth creature. The opportunities are endless all you need to do is use creativity.The Adult Yellow Morphsuit is 88 percent polyester, 12 percent spandex, and is stretchy fabric.The two way zipper is located on the center of the back. For the full yellow suit experience the hands, feet, and head are fully enclosed. All your friends will know you are a sunbeam from the heavens. Become something yellow and vibrant to shock and amaze friends. Get ready to show off your moves in the Adult Yellow Morphsuit.