WWE Legends Button 4-Pack Set


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Bad to the ButtonWhoa. We didn’t think that it could be done. Buttons usually don’t get us all amped up. A lot of buttons are kind of boring. They have some kind of pun on them and little hearts or unicorns, but they’re not usually action-packed. But just look at these things! This WWE Legends 4-Pack Button has everything you could want in a button.Product DetailsThere’s one with The Rock on it and he’s flexing his stuff. There’s also one with the Ultimate Warrior on it and man, does he look ready to body slam some fools into submission! Then there’s a Brock Lesnar one, which looks like it came straight from the bowels of the underworld. And to top it all off, it includes a Stone Cold Steve Austin button, which has his crossbones logo on the front.Can You Smell What These Buttons are Cooking?There’s really no limit to how you use these buttons. You can pair these with any of our WWE costumes to create the ultimate wrestling fan costume, or just add them to your collection. You can place them on your jacket, your backpack, your hat, or any other place that could use a little WWE infusion.