Work It Out 80s Women’s Plus Size Costume


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Long Live the 80sIf there’s anything we’re sure of in life, it’s this: once a child of the 80s, always a child of the 80s. You rocked a pretty good side ponytail in your day, and you could mix and match neon hues with expertise. You had a grand collection of slap bracelets, a wide array of those plastic shirt clips, and don’t even get us started on your leg warmer drawer! You loved watching your mom come home sweaty from her Aerobicise class, which she’d catch you up on over dinner.So when your eyes fall onto this Women’s Plus Size Work It Out 80s Costume, your heart flutters like a sweet synth solo and raises the roof! Nostalgia floods over you and you simply cannot wait to relive your favorite era in this ridiculously cool getup. Because here’s the other thing that we know for sure: EVERYONE loves the 80s! You’ll be the hit of the bash in this bold and energizing look.Design & DetailsAs you (and our talented design team) know, “more is more” was the motto of great 80s style. That’s why this costume includes a leotard, crop top, shorts, headband, leggings, wristbands, and leg warmers—phew! That’s a lot of stuff…in a lot of colors. the leotard is hot pink, the tights are vibrant purple, the leg warmers beam bright yellow, and the wristbands and headband blaze in neon green. The shorts are a bright blue, but somehow, it all just works in that seamless 80s way, especially when you top it all in the geo-print crop top. Pick up a few hand weights and hey, you can even perm your hair if you want (at the very least crimp or tease it, girlfriend!) and prepare to look fly!Step It UpYou may feel so good in this costume, you decide to finally follow through with your childhood dreams of making your own brand of exercise videos! You could even go old school and put them on VHS. Whatever you choose to do, relive your era of choice in the bright, bold, slightly bonkers style that can only be truly appreciated by children of the 80s!