Women’s Wish Bear Romper Costume


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Shooting Stars Legends say that when you see a star rocketing across the sky that you are supposed to fill your heart with your deepest wish. If the wish is pure of heart, you’re sure to be granted it! But, where do all those falling stars come from in the first place!? It turns out that Wish Bear has a bit to do with that. He’s best buddies with the Wishing Star, itself, and can help bring the greatest hopes to all the folks on Earth. When we saw how much work as on his plate, we had to offer up our help. That’s why we wished for someone who could spread cheer and granted a few wishes here on Earth! Design & DetailsIt looks like all of our wishes were granted because we have this Wish Bear Romper costume for women! This cozy onesie features long sleeves and a giant hood with big ears on the top. The fabric is a bright blue, just like Wish Bear’s fur. Meanwhile, the classic Belly Badge of a shooting star is right on the front! Step in, zip up, and get ready to bring some officially licensed Care Bear magic to the world! Wish for More Wishes?Usually, it is against the rule to ask for extra wishing stars. Fortunately, this time, we have a whole line of Care Bear Rompers that you and your friends can enjoy. Make a group costume and spread cheer this season!