Women’s White Bunny 5-Piece Accessory Kit


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You’re not afraid of a little sex appeal, are you? Of course not! And why should you fear flaunting your fierce femme power? After all, isn’t feeling fun, festive, and flirty half the fun of Halloween?Well the flirty part we can definitely help you out with; the fun you will need to discover all on your own! But we are pretty sure that should not be too difficult for you when you dress in this 5 Piece Women’s White Bunny Accessory Kit. Whether you are planning for a cocktail party to end all Halloween cocktail parties, a pool party theme, or just a really sassy Halloween hang time with your sweetie, this costume is a luscious look that says that you are confident and totally committed to a fun holiday!You know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And you’ve got it, girl! So, you’ll do just that, thank you very much, in this versatile, va-va-voom costume. Once you’re wearing the white bunny ears, you can get two different looks from it–ranging from sizzlin’ hot to yowza! Either way, add fishnet tights, high, high heels and a cane to this bunny’s bow tie for a sexy formal look that says you’re not afraid to be yourself.