Women’s Victorian Ghost Bride Costume


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Oh, our wedding day… one of the most important days of our lives! We spend so many years planning it and many of us start right from our childhood days. First, we have to have the right flowers. Lilies! They’re the best—white, pure, lovely. And, the guests!? Where will they sit, how will they dance, and what kind of music shall we play? Harp music, no doubt… something hauntingly beautiful.And, when the night finally comes, we are prepared. We have the boquet ready, the dress in perfect white beauty. But, where is the groom? Where are the guests? And, what is this strange ache that we simply cannot quite dismiss? Nervousness? No… Of course, we know the sad truth of this tale. For, we never saw that special day, stolen away from us by trick happenstance. But, the night comes when we have a chance to try once again. All Hallows Eve, when the spirits of the past can walk the land in pursuits of joy once more.This year, it is time to return to the land of the living in hopes of finding your groom and convincing him to fulfill your heart’s wish. With this Victorian Ghost Bride costume, you are ready to reenact the night that should have been your happiest. This long white dress with gray mesh overlay shows both the once perfect bridal gown and how it has lost just a touch of its luster thanks to the many years of haunting the wedding grounds. Despite its age, the gown has not lost one hint of its perfect shape, though gray age does take a little from the purity of your veil as well. Still, a sweet smile and the right approach can do wonders! Accessorize with something old, something new, something gray-blue… and perhaps you might borrow the heart of the one you seek!