Women’s Velma Scooby Doo Wig


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The Brains of the operationVelma’s brain was built to solve clues. She believes in the laws of science. Something as small as a frayed string or a dribble of hydraulic fluid. And the fact that she’s fluent in one of the most important languages a detective in “the gang” can know, panicking Shaggy and Scooby helps her interpret the rest of the gang’s wild experiences for the authorities. And while we love her smarts, we also love her sass. With everything she’s done for the group, Velma’s big brain deserves a sleek hairstyle to decorate that brilliant noggin! Details & DesignThis officially-licensed, Made By Us Scooby-Doo wig will make you look just like the cartoon Velma we’ve loved watching over the years! The brunette shade is just the right color to pair with her instantly recognizable mustard-colored sweater. A hairnet lining with an elastic edge will make sure this wig stays in place, even while fleeing from a mysterious new villain! My Glasses!Velma has some great one-liners. Jinkies is great. “Danger-prone Daphne is stuck again” is fantastic. But just remember, if you’re going to dress as Velma, you’re gonna need a nice hefty pair of glasses, otherwise, you won’t really pull off her only panic line… you know the one.