Womens Trixie Sue Carhop Costume


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There is something about the 1950s so easily warms the heart. The retro look, the joy that came from simple pleasures, the perfectly pleasant atmosphere of the suburban life. Of course, there were a number of problems. We weren’t all seen as equal and there are obvious benefits to the modern day conveniences. Who can argue with having access to almost all the world’s information at the touch of a smart screen!? But, that is where the magic of modernity allows for us to have both at once!We can channel the ‘50s through some of their amazing neighborhood diners. Think of being able to hop on over to the local shoppe on the corner, order up a Big Bopper Burger and a hand-made shake. Listen to some tunes off the jukebox and watch or participate in the twist on the checkerboard dance floor. Remain in the present but draw forward the nifty looks of the swell 1950’s in this Trixie Sue Carhop costume. It is a great way to celebrate all things retro with this shirt-waist style dress with its notched satin collar and heart-shaped center lapels. Short puffy sleeves, a lace-edged satin apron, and the lovely pill-box hat that can pin to your hair or headband. The bodice has decorative buttons including your 50’s style Trixie Sue name tag and the skirt has a lovely checkerboard order apron built in. Accessorize with a serving tray or roller skates to finish the look. Or you might even get a collection of friends in 50’s gear to populate your own Pleasantville.