Women’s Teacher’s Pet White Thigh Highs


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Scholarly SocksBecoming the teacher’s pet takes years of practice. It doesn’t just happen overnight. And no, we’re not talking about hitting the books. That just makes you a good student, two very different things. The teacher’s pet has spent years perfecting the art of shooting their arm up in the air as fast as possible while avoiding elbow strain. They have stood in clouds of chalk dust from banging out the chalkboard erasers, letting the dust fall on them as a sign of their teacher’s blessings. They learned to volunteer to read in class, hand out papers, and pick out the best apples to leave on their teacher’s desk. All we’re saying is you can’t simply become the teacher’s pet now that you’re an adult. Unless, of course, you dress for the position! Make your point with these lovely thigh high socks and people will know you’re serious about school. Product detailsThese stockings have a sheer tights texture and a bright white color. The bands at the top have a wet look with an apple in the middle. One for the BooksIf certain costumes are classics then the teacher’s pet costume is on everyone’s reading list. Whether you’re heading out for Halloween or just want the student costume to be in your arsenal, you’ll be glad you did your homework once you slip on these stockings!