Womens Taco Bell Verde Taco Bell Sauce Packet Costume


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Beans, Spice, and Everything NiceThe old saying is that girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice but think it’s much more interesting to flaunt a savory personality. Sugar can only get you so far before you give yourself a toothache. And what about the “everything nice” portion? Well, we think Taco Bell’s menu has that covered. Cheesy quesadillas, crunchy chalupas, and a burrito that’s the only thing that hits the spot after midnight all dipped in your favorite flavor of Taco Bell salsas, yeah, that’s nice. If you want to represent your fresh and spicy attitude, go all-in when you slip into this Taco Bell Verde Sauce Packet Costume!Product DetailsThis officially licensed Taco Bell Verde Salsa packet costume is instantly recognizable and simple to slip into. The green dress is made of structured foam and has an elastic band at the back, chest, and waist to keep yourself comfortable even after you indulge in your midnight Taco Bell order. To complete the package look, there’s an uneven hem and neckline. Straps keep the dress up as you do your happy shimmy when your cheesy chalupa arrives. Take pride in your Taco Bell fandom and slip into a saucy look this Halloween!Flavor FavsAre you looking for a costume that can easily become a group ensemble? This dress can be paired with the rest of our sauce costumes from Diablo to Fire. A variety of styles from the strappy dress to a full-body tunic will let you bring your favorite late-night menu buddies along. Whether you’re dressing up for a taco Tuesday party or you’re heading out for a night on the town for Halloween, when you pair this costume with green gloves and a bag of delicious tacos and you’ll be ready to flaunt your spicy personality!