Women’s Taco Bell Hot Taco Bell Sauce Packet Costume


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Crunch TimeYou’ve been trying to figure out a costume for weeks now. Time is running out! How do you choose? There are so many great costumes out there! Here’s an idea, use the decision-making skills that you’ve learned while choosing a place to go out to lunch with friends. What do you do when your stomach starts to grumble?  You listen to your gut. You think about your taste. If your decision usually lands on Taco Bell then you know what your right costume will be. You’ve got to be true to your tastes and make that decision. Make a decision that packs a flavorful punch and just might get you some free food at the end of the night!Product DetailsWhile all the items on the Taco Bell menu are delicious, it’s the hot sauce that really makes a meal. This costume is as simple to slip into as tearing into that hot sauce packet, so your transformation from your normal street clothes to costume party ready can be quick. The licensed look is instantly recognizable with a flame background and the trademark sassy hot sauce catchphrase printed in the middle. The neckline and hem have the jagged look of a packet so your spicy transformation can be complete. Make it a ComboWhen it comes to ordering Taco Bell, the more the merrier is a true standard. You don’t have to celebrate your love of Tex-Mex alone. We have a variety of spice packets in different styles and layers of flavors, making this a perfect option for Bachelorette parties, parades, and group costumes. Whether you’re heading out in a pack or solo, you’re sure to make a flavor impact. Just be sure to head out for tacos before heading to your costumed event. You don’t want to be caught feeling hangry in this outfit!