Women’s Skeleton Flag Rogue Pirate Costume


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So, you’ve just enlisted with one of the top pirate crews. You have two days to prep your things before you sail–pack your bag, say goodbye to those land lovers, (and pick up an extra box of Dramamine at the local drug store).You want to show up looking fierce and every bit as worthy of the sea as your male counterparts. It’s this Womens Skeleton Flag Rogue Pirate Costume for you, then, lassie! This ensemble helps you to show those sea dogs that you’re no rookie, you can pillage and plunder with the best of them. It doesn’t hurt that this dress boasts a flag showing off their favorite logo–it never hurts to make a good first impression. Even on a pirate ship. Actually, come to think of it…especially on a pirate ship.So, suit up in this Womens Skeleton Flag Rogue Pirate Costume and get ready to hear a whole lot of ‘Yawrs’ once you step on board. You also may want to secure this deep in your trunk, pirates will steal anything beautiful and this ensemble is definitely that. The long-sleeved peasant blouse pairs perfectly with the faux leather corset. The two-layer wrap skirt is printed with the skull and crossbones for style, while the striped leggings will keep you warm when the salty sea wind starts to whip up. Enough of a treasure for you, scallywag? We didn’t even tell you about the the antique-brass-tone metal buckles. Wow! Well, we can’t help with the seasickness or the ship’s food, but as far as looking the part of a particularly savvy sailor, we got you covered, miss matey!