Women’s Skeleton Bodysuit Costume


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A Favorite HauntHave you wondered what after-life after hours would be like? We’re pretty sure that a happy hour with ghouls and ghosts would be pretty interesting. For one, the cocktails would include ninety percent more spooky smoke and you’d have to be very careful how many times you said Bloody Mary when you’re ordering a delicious tomato juice drink. Once that famous regal Spektor is in your company, you just won’t be able to get rid of her. But you know the dancing would be good. Everyone knows that the undead have a good sense of rhythm. There’s a reason the people bring up the dance of the dead century after century. So, if you want to dip your toe into the river Styx club scene, this costume is a great way to disguise your living body. No bodies would ever guess that you’re anything other than a well dressed and sophisticated skeleton!Product DetailsThis skeleton bodysuit is a real stunner. It has a cold shoulder cut with long sleeves and printed off-white bones. The garter style leggings have a tough style that will look awesome solo or when paired with a pair of plain black tights or fishnet tights. Top the whole thing off with the skull detailed face mask and you’ll feel like an undead diva. Dead SeriousWhen it comes to providing you with an awesome costume, we’re dead serious about it. This costume will make you feel like you rule the underworld as soon as you put it on. After all, don’t you think that dancing in a bodysuit is one of the most fierce things you could do in a macabre dance club? Yeah, we’re pretty sure you’ve got this spooky endeavor in the bag. And hey, if you like it, let us know. We always like to know when we help someone to their rightful fiendish throne!