Women’s Sinfully Hot Nun Costume


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Here’s the thing: you are so charismatic that you are bound to build up your own group of super-faithful followers whether you want to or not. So really, the question is whether or not you can handle people hanging on your every word all of the time.Because that is what is bound to happen when you show up at a party dressed in this Women’s Sinfully Hot Nun Costume. There is just no question about it. And while some people may not think you could pull this look off (naysayers), your unwavering confidence is the very personality trait your congregation is looking for in a leader. And let’s be honest, going to church can be boring; but when you are decked out in this daring and tempting nun costume, nothing is ever boring. Ever. We’re pretty sure we could watch you read the phone book in this and we’d sing your praises (are there even still phone books in the world? WHY?)Don’t answer that. Save your energy for more contemplative endeavors. Like how you are going to style this hi-low style black dress with a sweetheart top. Or how this outfit’s bell sleeves will billow as you speak emphatically to your new crew. Or just which pair of thigh-high socks are the perfect accessory for this look? Or how many converts it takes to start a movement. And hey, if you want to use notes for your scintillating speech, we won’t tell. Nuns the word, so to speak!