Women’s Sexy Gingham Thigh High Stockings


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No Accessory Like Thigh-HighsDo you dream of a far away land where you can escape from your troubles? Do you wonder what magical land might exist beyond the barrier of the rainbow bridge? It is a wish that has been often uttered ever since the Kansas lass found her way to an odd and distant land and skipped along the unusually colored brick road with her strangely familiar new friends. But, there were always a few problems with the way that she got there. In a world where we have a few people who are afraid of airplane travel, transportation via tornado is hardly a vehicle we imagine most are excited for!Product DetailsMen made of straw and tin, wild lions, and witches — oh my! All of that, tornadic transportation, and more is possible when you slip into these sexy Dorothy Thigh High stockings. Guaranteed to withstand a rip in up to all standard imaginary tornadic winds. Untested against actual witches and wind. But wildly cute, long white stockings with blue-and-white plaid bows atop the front of the thighs to match any other Dorothy accessories you may have. Best of luck out on the Yellow Brick Road!