Women’s Red Gogo Boots


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These Boots Were Made For TalkingThey say if you really want to get to know someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. What that really means, then, is that a person’s shoes say a lot about them, who they are, where they’ve traveled. And these Women’s Red Gogo Boots, well, they have stories to tell!These are boots that have been on adventures. These are boots that have traveled in first class, gone backstage at concerts, strutted across the finest dance floors, and graced the halls of the most famous museums. These boots have had clandestine meetings, accompanied a spy on a mission, and popped champagne on the top of a city skyscraper. These boots are a little daring, a little dangerous, a little fancy, and a whole lot of fun! So the only question now is, what story will your boots tell when you wear them? Will you be a go-go dancer? A secret agent? A sommelier with a sassy sense of style? The tales are yours to tell!Product DetailsThese faux patent leather boots are a total retro throwback! The cherry-red hue and chunky heels are a must for any 60s costume, or for anyone wanting to kick up their heels and have a ball this Halloween.