Women’s Psycho Jester Wig


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Don’t go Wigging OutWho says a clown has to be frightening, silly, or scary? Sometimes a clown just wants to be different, unique, and … psychotic! Ahem, not psychotic, no, that’s not what we meant, we meant to say, pretty, yeah, pretty, that’s what we meant to say. Maybe it’s Halloween, or it’s a fancy dress up party, or maybe it’s just Thursday and you thought it would be fun to dress up like a jester psycho clown and scare the neighborhood kids MAHAHAHAHAHAaaaahem . . . AHEM … no, that’s not what we meant to say … or was it?!? With the Psycho Jester Wig you can have the best of both worlds. You can look great and frightening as well!Product DetailsThis Psycho Jester Wig is perfect for Halloween or cosplay. You’ll look amazing no matter where you decide to wear it. This multicolored wig red and black wig is the perfect accent to your scary, sexy, or spooky jester costume.Works Like a CharmHuge oversized shoes, water-squirting flowers, and rubber chickens are not for all clowns, like you. If you want to be a bit mysterious and attractive while keeping the kids guessing, then we’ve got the wig for you. the Psycho Jester Wig is just what you need to top off your costume.