Women’s Plus Size Trolls Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume


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Happiness From WithinGo out this Halloween dressed up in our Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume and you will look fabulous enough to win the heart of a king! Bridget may have just been a shy scullery maid with a hopeless crush on King Gristle Jr. at one point. However, once she got a little makeover from Poppy and the rest of her Troll friends, she was transformed into a confident pop star.Thanks to the Trolls, she was able not only to find her own happiness, but to show King Gristle Jr. that happiness does not only come from eating Trolls. It can also come from one’s heart. Show everyone what true happiness looks like when you show up in this exclusive costume from our Made By Us collection.Details & DesignTransform into this Bergen superstar easily. You won’t need to search out in the woods for Trolls in order to look this good. Our costume design team has taken care of it for you.Toss on the purple shirt first to get that amazing Bergen complexion. Next, jump on into the pink jumpsuit and you’ll achieve superstar status, but we’re not done yet. Be sure to add the purple gloves as well as a pair of white go-go boots. Finally, top off this glamorous new look with the colorful wig. Just like that, you’ll have the Lady Glitter Sparkles look down!Be Happy to HelpGo out to the parties this Halloween singing your favorite songs from the hit movie, Trolls, while dressed as the most beautiful Bergen. Whether it’s a dance party, a roller rink party, or a simple costume party, we know that Lady Glitter Sparkles will show everybody a great time. Not even your fellow Bergens will be hungry for Trolls because you’ll show them all what true happiness is!