Women’s Plus Size Statue of Liberty Costume


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SCULPTED PERFECTIONFrance gave us a 150-ft statue of a copper woman and it was life-changing. When immigrants sail into New York Harbor, they see more than just bustling people and basic boats—they see a woman bearing a torch, colossal and green, one of the world’s most glorious sights. What a beauty she is, with her spectacular pointy crown and bulky tablet of knowledge. She’s a queen, quite literally and figuratively. Do you know many ladies willing to stand outside, during the summer’s heat, winter’s cold, and spring’s windy and rainy season? Um, we don’t! Personally, we’d complain about the humidity making our hair frizzy within the first 45 minutes, so we tip our hats to the Statue of Liberty, thanks for being the strong, resilient woman our country needs! If you want a feel for what it’s like to be the sculpted, illustrious lady then the women’s plus size Statue of Liberty costume is exactly what you need. It’s commitment-free; it doesn’t require standing outdoors for hours on end! No storms to weather or ice to chip off, just a high-quality costume with the ability to transform you into an icon of freedom and friendship.     PRODUCT DETAILSThe women’s plus size Statue of Liberty costume is a Made by Us design so it’s durable and can be worn year after year. The zip-up dress has a chiffon overlay, draped sleeves, and a satin, braided belt sewn to the waistline. The pointy crown is crafted from foam so it’s soft and comfortable while the included torch measures approximately 12-inches long. Also, it’s an exclusive costume you can only get right here! GIVE ME LIBERTY AND GIVE ME COSTUMESLiberate yourself from basic costumes with a one-of-a-kind Statue of Liberty costume, also perfect for attending Fourth of July barbecues and parades!