Women’s Plus Size Nude Opaque Pantyhose


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Let’s face it. Sometimes costumes show off a little more skin than we like.Hey, we don’t care how much you want to show off, but speaking for ourselves? We get cold. Especially our legs. If we were to wear one of those cute little costumes, you can bet we’d be looking for some sweatpants pronto. Not to mention our legs aren’t always the prettiest to look at (we doubt anyone wants to see scars and bruises) which kind of spoils the whole “cute costume” effect.But that’s okay! That’s why we have these Plus Size Nude Opaque Pantyhose. You can wear them with any outfit or costume you like. They’re made of nylon and spandex and do a nice job helping keep a modicum of warmth in (right, so you won’t be toasty but at least your skin isn’t open to the elements!) and they’re opaque, so they cover bumps and bruises beautifully in a neutral skin color. These are absolutely perfect for all your leggy outfits!