Women’s Plus Size Magical Unicorn


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The Original Special SnowflakeLong, long ago, in a more magical time than our current era, unicorns freely roamed the land. They galloped across buttercup-dotted meadows. They dazzled lucky viewers with their loveliness. They gored enemies to death with their horns.  They communed with fair maidens in forest clearings (the maidens helped them clean off their horns).Nowadays, unicorn sightings are rarer – but that just means that they are even more special! What better spirit animal for those unique souls who go their own ways, sing their own songs, and just might want to wear a horned jumpsuit to the grocery store to express their individuality. Let’s all be unicorns!Product DescriptionYour beauty will reach mythical proportions when you wear your exclusive Women’s Plus Size Magical Unicorn Costume! Get ready for compliments on your soft-as-silk, 100 percent polyester fur dotted with multicolored circles and stars. The jumpsuit zips up the front and has an attached hood sewn with a stuffed silvery horn, cute little foam ears, and faux long hair – excuse us, mane. A faux fur tail is attached to the jumpsuit’s seat. Shiny silver hooves decorate the wrist and ankle openings. An elastic sewn to the bottom of each pant leg secures under each foot, guaranteed to stay in place no matter how fast you gallop!Magically MarvelousOwn your rightful place as one of nature’s most fabulous fabled creatures. All who see you will count themselves fortunate beyond the lot of mortals to have seen such a marvelous being! (They will probably steer clear of the horn.)