Women’s Plus Size Fierce Vampire Costume


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The life of a vampire is complicated. Simple things, like picking up your velvet lined cloak at the dry cleaners during business hours can get complicated. Vampires don’t even try to hit up their local credit union, it’s like they shutter their doors as soon as the sun goes down. If a vampire ever needs a loan, they’ve got to hit up the blood bank. (Sorry, classic though, right?) There are really great things about living the immortal, parasitic lifestyle. All the nineties sitcoms in the world can’t take up the time on your hands, you can watch all the seasons of Saved by The Bell and still have plenty of time to learn to play the electric fiddle, Pig Latin, real Latin, and maybe some Latin dancing if you’re feeling like it. Plus, who’s going to judge you for how you spend your time? You wouldn’t judge a billionaire for ordering guacamole on their burrito, why judge an immortal vampire for reconnecting with their favorite 90’s high school hooligans? Long story short, when you’re a vampire you get to do exactly as you please. Take advantage of the dramatic vampire lifestyle and when you’re vamping around and wear the dramatic and classic vamping uniform. There’s no better way of making an entrance than in a red-trimmed cloak with upturned collar. To add extra class this ensemble includes an enchanting ruffled neck blouse and a gorgeous red and black satin vest. Sure, life is a little more complicated as a vampire but at you’ll spend the rest of eternity kicking it in style.