Women’s Plus Size Cavewoman Costume


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Are you ready to hunt some Dinosaurs? How about taking a joy ride on a Mastodon? “Science” is always trying to tell us that cavepeople and dinos didn’t live in the same period, but we think those white-coated folks are just trying to be party poopers. It’s much more fun to picture our great, great, great, etc grandmas riding a velociraptor or wrangling a stegosaurus. If you like this image and would like to recreate it, maybe it’s time for you to grab this classic plus size Cavewoman costume.There are a few things to do before donning this wild look. First, you need to come up with your cavewoman name. Naming your prehistoric persona might seem simple but don’t be misled. It’s so simple that it’s actually tricky. You could name yourself after a rock, add a “Z” or “G” to a regular name like Zarag instead of Sarah, or you could look up old Far Side cartoons and borrow some names from Gary Larson, he’s the king of naming Cave Person characters, after all. Next, all you have to do is arm yourself with a club and get ready for the hunt. Roasted Brontesaurus anyone? Hey, even if those scientists were right and you’re stuck with woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers to battle, you’ll enjoy this prehistoric look! The dress has both faux fur and leopard print and zips down the back for a comfortable fit. You’ll also get the belt and faux leather gauntlets. We think you’ll look pretty good zooming around on that Pterodactyl!