Women’s Pink Skeleton Hooded Sweatshirt


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So many Halloween costumes are totally cute but don’t offer much when it comes to warm layers, except for that Mother Hubbard costume your aunt Sally used to wear every Halloween. That was. . . interesting. But anyway, enough about your Aunt Sally. We’re talking about getting serious about keeping your arms toasty this October. Whether you’re going as a witch with long sleeves or a zombie that went through its transformation while wearing a sleeveless prom dress this hoodie is there for you to keep you both warm and on topic!This hoodie with a pink printed skeleton torso on the front is made of a comfortable fleece. The hood zips all the way up so that you can have this hoodie stand alone as a costume in a pinch. It even has eye holes so that you’ll be able to see! Bonus! So, whether you’re using this as the main component of you’re All Hallows Eve ensemble or you’re layering up for a spooky night out, you’ll be glad you covered up in the bone-chilling October wind!