Women’s Miss Liberty Costume


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U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!Nothing beats sailing across the Atlantic towards America. And the best part, obviously, is when you peer out your porthole to see Lady Liberty shining like a beacon across New York harbor. Of course, you probably won’t actually be making the trip across the sea anytime soon, but we are happy to report that you can get super-patriotic by doing an impression of Lady Liberty yourself. And all you gotta do is get this Women’s Miss Liberty Costume!Imagine the sight you’ll be when you perch yourself in the front yard at the big 4th of July party. You can hold the included light-up torch and be an actual beacon! Fortunately, since you won’t be an actual statue, you don’t even have to stay in place the whole time, either. After all, we’re sure as Lady Liberty, you’re going to want to enjoy plenty of hot dogs and cold beverages on your “birthday!”Product DetailsThis costume comes with a pullover dress, headpiece, and light-up torch. The polyester dress comes in a light blue hue meant to evoke the copper patina of the real Statue of Liberty. The headband works with any hairstyle and features spikes just like the Statue’s crown. The light-up torch is battery operated. Just grab a pair of vibrant heels or sandals like we have it pictured, and you yourself will be a picture-perfect Lady Liberty!4th of July FunThis costume works great for Halloween, but it’s even better on the 4th of July. On the 4th, you might choose to be the star in a parade. Lots of localities have fun 4th of July parades, and we’re darn sure that any parade committee would be happy to have Lady Liberty in their lineup! Other popular 4th of July events include grill-outs and barbeques, and we’re sure that this costume would be the perfect attire for any food-oriented fun. Of course, you could even go all-out an have a costume party on the 4th, too. Get some pals dressed up as Uncle Sam, George Washington, a bald eagle, and maybe even have a friend wear a hot dog costume, too. We’re sure the Fourth of July revelry will be even more fun with costumes!