Women’s Marvel Hela Premium Costume


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Hel on Earth Generally speaking, it’s not a great idea to invite a powerful demigod to your planet. You’re never really sure if they’re going to help out and make the world a better place, invite their whole family over to eat pizza and play great video games, or if they’re going to crack open the whole planet while whipping magical weapons around the place. If it turns out that you’ve invited the exiled sister of Thor, you’re definitely facing the more troubling of the options! Of course, if you’re the one who is commanding the power of Hela, maybe things will turn out a lot better for everyone. Product DetailsChannel the might and majesty of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when you spread your arms wide in this officially licensed and exclusive Premium Hela costume. This costume starts with a deluxe jumpsuit that zips up the back. It features reflective detailing that will catch the light as well as the eyes of onlookers and an off-the-shoulder style that brings Hela to life. Ring sleeves and a matching cloak that falls off your arms create the elegant look of a conqueror while the iconic headpiece will ensure that your weaponry is never far away. Whosoever Wears This CapeEveryone knows that, if you’re worthy, you can lift up the mighty Mjolnir. But, if you’re Hela, you can actually do way more to that dinky little thunder-cracker. Flare out your cape in this exclusive Hela costume and show the world who truly deserves to command the power of Asgard.