Women’s Madame Steampunk Costume


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The Sage of the SteamMadame Steampunk knows her way around the city streets of steampunk-era London. That’s why we call her Madame Steampunk. That’s not the name she was born with, as you may have guessed. How does she gain an upper hand in the street when she’s got a long, cumbersome tail swaying in the wind behind her? It’s hard to run the streets when you can’t run. Here’s her secret. She carries soap on her person whenever she’s out and about. She simply swipes keys from polished bars at the pub and makes a mold in the bar. So not only does she always smell good, she’s got plenty of keys in her pouch as well! She’s got a key for every steam-run machine on the streets. She can drive that steam-run elephant no matter who welded it together. She’s got a key to the glass and brass tower on the edge of town. The number of mysterious puzzle boxes she could open with her keys is amazing! Want to look like you know what’s up when it comes to the ways of the steampunk wave. Product DetailsThe steampunk selection is a showstopper. It’s lush with a velvet texture, diverse patterns, and ruffles. You’ll love the corseted top with the crop top sleeves. The keyhole neckline gives your neckline a unique silhouette. The short skirt is framed with a long layered skirt. The inner skirt has a gorgeous golden lining to let your fishnets shine out from the scene. Top off your look with plenty of Steampunk accessories!Full Steam AheadGoing Steampunk is a lot of fun, get your basic ensemble down to a tea and then expand from there! You’ll love combining cameo jewelry, monocles, and luxurious pouches to keep all your wild steam powered knick-knacks in. So go ahead and try your fingerless gloved hand at exploring steampunk, the future seems fun!