Women’s Macho Man Madness Costume


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Do You Feel the Madness?You never know when the Madness will strike. It could be while you’re driving in the morning. It could be while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. It could be while you’re out on the town with your friends. It could even happen to you in the middle of your shift at work. Whenever it happens, you’ll be forced to shout a triumphant, “OH YEAH!” at the person nearest to you. That’s what an extreme case of Macho Madness does.There’s no cure for it, but don’t worry. You can live a happy and full life, even when afflicted with Macho Madness. You will, however, be required to make a few lifestyle changes. First of all, you’re going to need to begin watching a healthy dose of classic WWE videos. Only by watching Randy Savage can you truly understand the Madness. Second, you’re going to have to hone all of your Macho Man-isms. Practice saying phrases like “OH YEAH!” and “Because I’m wild!” on the regular. Finally, you’re going to need to wear this Macho Man Madness costume for women.Design & DetailsOur costume designers also have a case of Macho Madness, so they crafted this officially licensed WWE costume to make you feel like a champ when you wear it. It comes with a bright pink shirt that has fringe on the bottom and Macho Man Randy Savage’s sunglasses on the front. It also comes with a pair of red sequin shorts that have bright silver stars on them. The orange headband fits around your head and ties in back. A pair of wristbands and knee pads round out the look.Time to Wrestle the MadnessNow, when Macho Madness hits, you’ll be prepared. In your brand new Randy Savage costume, you’ll be ready to combat the Madness just like the WWE legend did… by shouting really loud and wrestling it into submission!