Women’s Love Shot Nurse Costume


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A Cute DiagnosisIf you want to be a nurse, you’ve got to have a quick wit. Doctors expect so much from the nurses they live beside. Nurses not only have to wake up sick patients in the middle of the night to take blood or give medications, they also have to deal with the doctors. Nurses have no idea what their day is going to be like when they get to work. You could have time to spend an hour chit chatting with the delightfully ornery Mr. Dodger at the beginning of your shift spend the next eight hours running to save a life that’s a death’s door. Nurses are like circus performers without the spotlight, juggling all their patients and the doctor as well. When you’re celebrating the iconic and heroic nurse, be sure to do the profession justice with a fashionable ensemble. There are plenty of short skirts and crop top nurse costumes out there, make sure your choice will get a cute bill of health!Product Details & DesignLike all our Made-By-Us products, it was important that our designers put a unique but sweet twist on the traditional nurse costume. We love the way this jumpsuit turned out! The zip up top has classic red piping set against the bright white fabric. The bottoms have pockets in the front and smart cuffs at the hem, giving you a clean look that any RN would be proud of. The Party ShiftOkay, okay. Maybe this isn’t an outfit you’d wear on a ten-hour shift at the hospital but it’ll be the perfect uniform for your next costume party. Stick some lollipops for your favorite patients in your front pockets and sling a stethoscope around your neck and you’ll be ready for the party shift. Finally, a shift you can predict. You’ll be having fun STAT!