Women’s Lederhosen Beer Babe Costume


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When your crush invited to his costume party (swoon!), you were positive that he told you to, “wear your beer-iest costume!” And of course, you thought that a little odd, but…he is just so cute. And really, you thought to yourself, if ugly Christmas sweater parties can be a thing, why can’t that?By now, of course, you have learned that what he really said was, “wear your cheeriest costume.” Potato, potahto, we say. Lucky for you, what could have turned into a real why me? moment worked out just fine–your cheeriest outfit IS your beer-iest! Wow, that IS lucky. Yep, you pretty much nailed it with this Women’s Lederhosen Beer Baby Costume. Friends will want to kick back stein after stein with you, but once they’ve had their fill, they’ll appreciate your savvy style setup all the more! And we bet your crush may just notice your allure and hops on over for a chat or two.This cheery look has a button-up gingham shirt, adjustable Bavarian-inspired shorts, and that cute-as-can be cone hat. Next time someone asks you to a costume party, you won’t even have to wonder what the dress code is; this clever costume is like free refills at the pub–it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And if it works out with your crush, then this would be a pretty sweet story to retell at Oktoberfests for years to come.