Women’s Lady Lumberjack Costume


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A busy day aheadHow was that plate of flapjacks? Pretty darn good? Well, that’s a relief. We’re glad you started your morning out right, because you know what’s next. You are, after all, a lady lumberjack, and you start your day the only way that real lumberjacks do. With a pile of pancakes and a whole lotta maple syrup!Well, now you know the next step, too. Or at least you’re about to. Because you’re going to need to get dressed for a day of work! Any lady worth her mettle in the woods would be wise to choose this Women’s Lumberjack Costume. It has the signature classic look of lumberjacks known the world over, with a fun, sexy, and decidedly feminine twist!You’ll be set for duty chopping wood or sawing at the mill. But, we don’t think it will be all that bad if you skip out on the work and just go straight to the after-party. We hear that’s where all the real fun is at, anyways!Product DetailsThis costume features form-fitting high waisted overalls that fit over a red plaid crop top. The overalls have adjustable straps, and they feature cuts in the leg to make it look like you’ve been a little errant with your axe swings (hehe). This costume also comes with a black beanie. It works great with a toy axe (sold separately) and it’s sure to be instantly evocative of a classic North American lumberjack. A lumberjack with a fun side, that is!In search of lumberWe’ll level with ya, this Women’s Lady Lumberjack Costume won’t actually have you ready for a romp in the woods in search of lumber. But for the big party? You’ll look great! Maybe you’ll even meet some new characters to join your Lumberjack crew. Now that sounds like fun!