Women’s Hoodie Comfy Spider Costume


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The Princess and the Frog and other popular culture might have you believe that practicing black magic for a lifetime might—inadvertently or not—turn you into a frog, but we have it on good authority that you’re more likely to—poof!—spawn six more legs and transform into an arachnid. Who are our sources? If we told you that there’s a chance we all might grow horns if we disclosed that information, would you still be interested?Who knows, black magic might just leave you with a cupboard filled with weird spell ingredients, like ground vampire fang, distilled wormwood, and minced duckbill (don’t ask). This Women’s Comfy Spider Hoodie does all the work of turning you into an eight-legged creature without all the unnecessary ingredients and black magic business! It zips up nice and easy, so your transformation will be quick and comfy.