Women’s Hershey’s Candy Bar Costume


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S’more GlamourFashion and candy. They don’t often get paired together, do they? it’s just not fair. We don’t see why sweets shouldn’t have their moment in the sun. Well, not literally, no one wants their chocolate to melt. We think the trend of fashionable sweets could have taken off hundreds of years ago if we had only listened to Marie Antionette. She knew what was up when it came to deserts and was inspired to add a touch of confectioner style into her wardrobe. But after the French Revolution, chocolates could no longer hope to become fashion icons. Until now! Give your favorite flavor the respect it deserves when you wear this sweet ensemble to your next costumed event. It’s about time!Product DetailsThis lovely Hershey’s dress will make people hungry as soon as you arrive on the scene. People can almost smell the chocolate when the see the Hersheys logo printed on the delicious looking shiny brown background. The hem of the dress is lined with pleated silver, bringing to mind the aluminum lining of a classic bar of chocolate. One shoulder of the dress matches the hem while the other has a tantalizing a chocolate bar print. The dress is topped with bo crown features a Hershey print as well as a foil colored bow and a little bit of sparkly tulle. Throw this costume on and you’re sure to be a treat, where ever you end up!Cocoa-NutsHave you been trying to claim the title of the biggest chocolate lover in your circle for a while now? Show friends and family that you’re not messing around when it comes to snacking on sweets when you throw on this beautiful Hershey dress! Whether you’re headed to a party or handing out candy, you’ll find treating yourself was never as easy as it is when you’re dressed like a chocolate bar!