Women’s Green Renaissance Lady Costume


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In our experience, some of the best-looking costumes get overlooked just because they were inspired by a historical era that doesn’t lend itself to outfits with a lot of bells and whistles. But this Adult Green Renaissance Lady Costume is the rare exception, because it goes hand-in-hand with one of the best-known tunes in English folk music! So just for fun, we thought we’d toss in a few bars of our own interpretation:Alas, good lady, you’re headed wrongIf you think you can purchase theeA finer set of Renaissance dudsThan this gown in the color green.Green, green is on the sleeves,It’s on the bodice, o’er the knees,It’s in the grass, it’s in the trees,Now you can look green like these!Can’t you just hear the trill of recorders and the idle strumming of lutes? Well, we can—but we have a tendency to get a little too immersed in these kinds of things. If that’s even possible!Either way, we think this is the perfect outfit for a costume party or Ren Faire, especially if you want to get in the olde-fashioned spirit without fussing about authenticity. This elegant combo includes a flowing dress in rich green velour with gilded accents befitting a noblewoman, and a flowery headband to match. With a little music from the period and a quaint pair of dancing shoes, it’ll be a real challenge not to cut a caper or two!