Womens Glamorous Skeletal Beauty Costume


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Multitasking MasterplanSo, you’re in anatomy class and you’ve tried absolutely everything you can think of to memorize the human skeletal structure. You know there are 206 bones, but you can only remember half of them, despite making flashcards, reading textbooks, and drawing diagrams. You confuse the ulna with the radius, you keep thinking the capitate bone is in your head and not your hand. You’ve even tried singing songs to help you remember, but nothing is working! Fear not, future doctor, we have a solution. You can ace that final by studying with this Women’s Glamorous Skeletal Beauty Costume. If, by chance, while identifying the humerus in the mirror, you notice you look absolutely stunning in this costume, you can wear it out to a party or two, right? We mean, that way you can bone up on leg bones while you’re out! The learning never has to end! You’re welcome. Product DetailsThis glammed up jumpsuit is made of stretchy vinyl-like fabric, so you can dance, er, study the night away in comfort. The front features a glittery human skeleton, and the back is all black. Black is the new black, after all, and glitter is always in style! Complete the look with a top hat and skeleton high heels (so that you can also practice identifying the bones in your feet. The top hat would just look cool).Before the White CoatWe know the road to medical residencies is long and difficult. We tried ourselves, but we didn’t have the guts for it. It’s a skeleton joke, get it? We couldn’t stomach the long hours… because skeletons don’t have stomachs… alright, never mind. But with the right mindset (and the right outfit), you’ll get that white coat in no time! Until then, keep all 22 bones in your skull held high and show everyone what you’re made of (ha!) with this cute costume! We believe in you.