Womens Fire Taco Bell Sauce Packet Taco Bell Costume


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Fan of the FlamesThere’s a lot to love on Taco Tuesday. It’s a delicious day you can rely on once a week. But what if you ordered your usual and it didn’t come with sauce. Yes, we shouldn’t talk of such things but we write about Halloween costumes all day so we often have our mind on scary events. If you couldn’t drip your favorite sauce on your Chalupa Supreme would Taco Tuesday be half as fun? And if your Cheesy Potato Griller had to be eaten without first being baptized in Fire sauce, would you truly be satisfied? The answer, if you’re being honest with yourself, is no. When it comes to Taco Tuesday, the sauce is boss. When you’re deciding on a spicy Halloween costume this year, you might as well get right to the point. Celebrate your favorite part of your favorite day of the week, celebrate the sauce!Product DetailsThis Taco Bell licensed dress makes your costume as simple and easy as ordering your usual. The dress is emblazoned with the Taco Bell logo and has the classic snarky catchphrase in the middle. The dress has a comfortable fit and a simple design so that you can feel confident even as after your midnight taco run!Make that a MealWhile going out for tacos solo is fine, it’s always more fun as a group! The same goes for Taco Bell themed costumes. Are you and your friends looking for a group costume that everyone can agree on despite differing tastes? Decide on your costumes by looking to your late-night snack choices! We have every level of spice you can ask for in two different styles. Sally can dress in a Salsa verde dress while mischevious Roger can wear the Diablo tunic. Much like lunch at Taco Bell, there’s something for everyone!