Women’s Egyptian Goddess Costume | Egyptian pharaoh


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Sophisticated and SanctifiedDid you know that Egyptian pharaohs were considered divine? How could they be anything less? They were well-dressed, adorned with beautiful jewelry, and had the full attention of everyone in their kingdom. Can you imagine the epic parties that the Egyptian gods and goddesses took part in? We can only envision people waving a palm leaf over them while they were being fed grapes and enjoying endless amounts of wine. It probably wasn’t all glamour and parties – what with the constant threat of being overthrown looming large. But still, it would be fun to indulge like a goddess every now and then.Product DetailsWith this Egyptian Goddess costume you can indulge in a little ancient fun this Halloween! This Egyptian Goddess Costume will let you look divine and will have everyone’s attention the second you step into the room! This costume comes with everything you need to truly transform into an Egyptian Goddess. It starts with the bustier style dress that has an elastic neckline, clear shoulder straps to keep it in place, and a short circle skirt at the bottom. The bodice of the dress has ruched knit mesh side panels and a matching drape from the back of the waistline. Add the gold faux leather belt for added detail – it is edged with geometric brocade ribbon and has draped knit mesh with a Hook and Loop fastener closure. The forearm sleevelets are gold metallic knit fabric and have drapes of knit mesh sewn along their length. The collar is a semicircle of gold faux leather and is detailed with faux gems.Taking the throneWant to look right at home strutting your stuff in an Egyptian palace? Top off your look with a gorgeous Egyptian headdress. Add sexy gold sandals, a Cleopatra wig, snake armband, ankh staff & jewelry. Then you can order slaves to begin building your very own pyramid!