Women’s Deluxe Elf Costume


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ELF OFF-SEASON Ever wonder what Santa’s elves are up to during the off-season? Us too. We think about it so often, it inspired us to do a North Pole investigation. We went up to the North Pole during Santa’s slow season (from January to March) in order to get the scoop. We arrived at the enchanted Christmas castle, decorated with tinsel galore and plenty of red and green paint, to talk with the pointy ear helpers for ourselves. What we found was amazing. While being ushered into the elf workshop, we saw a full-blown shindig and boy, elves know how to party. Elves dancing to contemporary music, drinking eggnog like its water, and wrapping themselves up in shiny paper and bows. Laughs, candy, and dancing abound. What a jolly sight! This Halloween, if you want to whoop it up like an off-season elf then we have the perfect costume. The women’s deluxe holiday elf costume disguises you as Santa’s little helper who works hard and plays hard too! PRODUCT DETAILS Our dedicated design team studied Santa’s elves for many months in order to design this authentic costume. The Made by Us short sleeve dress features green velour material, full zipper in the back, gold edging and a faux corset design. The coordinating belt fastens around the waist while the included pom-pom hat tops off the Christmas themed look. ‘TIS THE SEASONNot only is this a great costume for Halloween but it’s also a prime choice for the Christmas season. Wear it to trick-or-treat or wear it for Christmas dinner, it’s that versatile. We love pairing it with a pair of red high heels and matching lips. Add jingly earrings, a broach, and a pair of candy cane to make the costume all your own.