Women’s Christmas Caroler Costume


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What’s better than Christmas caroling? Darting around all creation in a one horse open sleigh (or a two horse open sleigh if you’re feeling exceptionally sassy), getting to pal around with your singer buddies, and belting hymn after hymn at any house you pass until they give you figgy pudding, wassail, or really anything your heart desires. After all, the homeowner knows you’re not leaving until you’re satisfied, and that their home’s value is going to plummet if their lawn’s infested with recalcitrant carolers who refuse to leave because they haven’t been gifted seasonal treats. It’s not extortion — it’s a lovely tradition, that’s all!But you can’t go caroling in your street clothes. Have you ever seen O Holy Night performed by people wearing jeans and T-shirts? It would be sacrilege, that’s what that would be. Because it’s like this. Doctors wear scrubs. Astronauts wear spacesuits. Actuaries wear whatever actuaries wear (we’re not sure what actuaries do, actually). And carolers wear festive red dresses that glow warm in contrast against the fresh December snow. These are the rules.So whether you’re surprising families with beautiful ballads or simply need to look the part, you simply can’t do without our Christmas Caroler Costume. The lovely red hat, shawl, and skirt all look like real velvet without requiring a velvet budget, and the muff is made from fluffy puffy stuff to keep your hands toasty. Have you ever tried to carol with cold hands? We’d never advocate for such a thing.