Women’s Burning Desire Devil Costume


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Girl, you are on fire!We realize that it may just be part of your job as Dame of the Hot-Place (seeing as most of it is on fire anyway), but we like to think it’s because you are exceptionally hot.We all know that you’re the one clearly in charge. The minions run in terror, follow every command you toss at them, or just end up falling down and chanting how great you are. That’s pretty awesome. But it’s not just the minions. The residents of your domain act similarly. If we didn’t know better, we’d guess that half of them followed you here willingly… don’t worry, we won’t tell. Just know this. A person of your position deserves an outfit that reflects not only your status, but also shows off a bit of that sizzle. In this Women’s Burning Desire Devil Costume, you can be sure that your minions and residents will follow every command. Heck, they might just follow you around for fun as they will be mesmerized by your new outfit, which will add the perfect flare to your wardrobe. It’s great. Long sleeves, super convenient zipper and a nifty little headband with horns (so you needn’t worry about upkeep of your own horns). Did you notice the fiery red color? Yeah, we thought you’d appreciate that.