Women’s Black Legwarmers


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Hop To ItIt’s time we revived the eighties dream. You know the one. The one where big hair makes everything more glamorous and romantic. It’s the dream that kept the lip liners companies in business and redefined what too much blush looked like. In the eighties, you could really let loose. Dancing wasn’t about shuffling your feet and nodding your head. It was about truly, madly, deeply rocking out and letting your crimped hair down. So if you’re about to attend a 1980s themed event, you’d better limber up by sweating to the oldies!Product DetailsThese black leg warmers are comfortable enough to keep your feet warm but stretchy enough to make slipping them on over leggings nice and easy. They can be worn with all sorts of shoes from high-heel pumps, flats, and high top sneakers. For the Eighties LadiesAre you ready to ramp up your eighties costumes? While your leotard and hair might be clutch, you’re not done if you haven’t thought over the little things. From neon tights to headbands and chunky jewelry, it won’t be long until you become the eighties lady you’ve always wanted to be!