Womens Apple Jolly Rancher Costume


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Sour PowerSome people love sweet and we get it. Sweet flavors, like Watermelon, Strawberry, and Cherry are great! They’re sugary and pure, but isn’t just plain sweet kind of boring? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the edge? We need something with a little extra zing to get us going. You know, something rebellious. Something… sour. That’s where green apple comes in! Jolly Rancher Green Apple is the flavor that’s the perfect mix of sweet and sour. It’s the flavor for any girl who likes has a hidden side that’s ready to change up the status quo. If that’s your sort of vibe, then you’re going to want to dress up as the sweet and sour flavor of Jolly Rancher with this women’s costume dress, which if officially licensed from the iconic hard candy.Product DetailsBased on the delicious candy, this adult Jolly Rancher Green Apple Costume turns you into the sour-flavored candy in just minutes! The simple costume starts with a light green dress that stretches to fit. It features a yellow, ruffled bustline, along with matching yellow ruffle trim along the bottom of the skirt. The center of the dress has the Jolly Rancher logo printed on the front. The dress fits with yellow shoulder straps. To finish the sour look off, this costume comes with a yellow ruffled headband that matches the trim and helps give you the look of a real piece of candy!The Sweet and Sour GroupIf you’re planning on heading out as a piece of sweet candy, then why not add a little sour spin to it with this women’s Jolly Rancher costume. Of course, be sure to check out all of our Jolly Rancher costumes so you can get a whole group of sweet and sour candies together thing Halloween season!