Women’s 80s Workout Costume


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Did you know that “Health Goth” is a style nowadays? That or our eccentric friend is running around coining phrases again. But we did notice a lot of sleek, dark attire being worn the two or three days we made it to the gym last year, so perhaps he’s on to something. Don’t we deserve better while we’re slaving away for hours on the elliptical and mercilessly sculpting our thighs? While we’re pushing our bodies to the limits after a week of that new ketogenic diet? We think so. We imagine a near future with adrenaline-pumping music in our ears, the sweet scent of a freshly blended chocolate protein shake in our nose, and the sight of something more interesting than a pair of baggy sweatpants and a sports bra. We deserve more fun, more color. We deserve… the 80s!If there’s one thing we learned in the 80s it was that if burning calories is your end-goal, the proper way to do it is in retina-piercing neon colors! This costume has all the throwback style that will have the guys at the fitness center swooning. Practice your routine, get fit and toned, and enjoy the satisfied feeling that comes with taking off those baggy sweatpants. Best case scenario: you even get to star in your own workout VHS tape!