Woman’s Good Luck Bear Romper Costume


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The Fairy Folk of Care-A-Lot Everyone on Earth has heard of the leprechaun and of the mysterious blessings of luck that one can offer. They are described as little folks who wear green, are constantly giggling, and can be really hard to spot unless they want to be found. Really, it just makes us wonder if the whole time that all the Irish folk were seeing had actually been Good Luck Bear! This wonder lives in the clouds and drifts down in times of trouble to bring luck and happiness to all around! They ride rainbows to go around the world and love to laugh! About the only thing we’re lacking is a big pot of gold. Design & DetailsWhile we’re still trying to figure out the truth of this magical bear, you can at least channel the fun with this officially licensed Good Luck Bear Romper costume for women. This one-piece outfit is lime green and made of soft fabric that’ll feel comfy and cozy to wear. Long sleeves and a giant hood featuring adorable ears make up the extras on the costume while the front features a half-zipper and a Belly Badge featuring a four-leaf clover! A Lucky TimeThe only thing that makes a Good Luck Bear costume feel even more fun is when you can head out with your friends. Thanks to our Care Bear Romper line, everyone can become one of their favorite characters!