Wizard Staff


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Witches have their wands. Wands are nice, easy to transport, somewhat easy to come by. Wizards though, they’ve got staffs. The timeless ones do at least. You wouldn’t see Gandalf the Grey or Merlin sporting a little wand, oh no. The powerful wizards that fight underground demons need some hefty equipment and it has to look pretty spiffy too. There’s no doubt that this wizard staff packs a punch. We’re guessing it was crafted by the elves but we can’t promise anything. What we do know is it’s bound to get you some respect at the upcoming wizard convention. The purple orb is eye-catching and mysterious, who knows what sort of power lies in that cloudy marble. A powerful dragon curls itself around the orb, protecting the magic inside. We don’t know what kind of magic you’ll whip up with this staff but one thing’s for sure, this staff sure beats a measly wand.